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About Ken Baker Originals - EuroPro in Myrtle Beach, SC

Ken Baker Originals is a family owned business that opened 35 years ago in Marion South Carolina. Shortly after opening up, Ken Baker Originals had the insight to realize that vehicles were becoming so technologically advanced that they had to choose a brand to specialize in. They noticed that BMWs were starting to come on strong in the United States, and there were only a few shops that would repair these vehicles.

For the next 10 years Ken Baker Originals did nothing but BMW repairs, services, mechanic work, and bodywork. Eventually, they became very active in the used sports business, and opened the largest BMW Recycling center on the East Coast.

In 2005, when Cal Baker took over operations of Ken Baker Originals, he saw that the company had reached a point where they were unable to service the community of Marion, SC.

Cal then made the decision to open Ken Baker Originals of Myrtle Beach. In December of 2006 they repaired their first car. Two years later they were ready to open up a shop in Wilmington, NC.

In 2012 the Marion, SC shop was moved to Florence, SC. As the business continued, so did the number of requests to service more vehicles. We began servicing Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Volvo, Mini Cooper and Smart Car—thus, changing the name to EuroPro. Finally, in January 2014, we open our doors in Charleston South Carolina.

Ken Baker Originals | Myrtle Beach Auto Repair, Service & Tire Shop
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Ken Baker Originals | Myrtle Beach Auto Repair, Service & Tire Shop
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