From Your Local BMW Experts to Your North & South Carolina EuroPros

The Story of EuroPro, formally known as Ken Baker’s Original

Ken Baker opened the doors to EuroPro over 35 years ago in Marion, South Carolina. Almost as soon as he got the business up and running, Ken was quick to take notice that vehicles were becoming more and more technologically advanced. He also had the insight to realize that it made sense to choose a brand for EuroPro. BMW’s were experiencing a growth in the United States and there were only a few shops that would service and repair them. It was a natural fit.

For the next decade, EuroPro worked solely on BMWs. Marion BMW drivers relied on us for maintenance, repairs, mechanical work, and even bodywork. After some time Ken opened the East Coast’s largest BMW recycling center and became heavily involved in the used sports business. In 2005, Ken’s son, Cal Baker, took over operations and realized that the facility in Marion was no longer able to serve all our customers.

EuroPro Storefront Image

It was time to grow… and grow we did!

Cal decided what we needed was to establish an operation in Myrtle Beach and in December 2006, we repaired our first vehicle at the EuroPro Myrtle Beach location. As we continued to grow, customers began to request more and more that we start servicing more vehicles. To answer that demand, we started servicing Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Volvo, MINI, and Smart Car. And we also changed our name to EuroPro as a result.

Finally, in 2014, we established a shop in Charleston. After all these years and all this growth, we are so proud to have customers who have been with us since the very beginning. We even have some second generations of families supporting our family business. We like to think we’ve made it easier. Easier for people who drive exceptional vehicles. Easier for people who expect exceptional service. And easier for people who want an auto repair shop they can count on.

Thanks to everyone who’s helped us get where we are today!