Oil Leak Repair

Car Oil Leak Repair

Fast, Accurate European Auto Oil Leak Repairs for South Carolina Drivers

What makes an oil leak such a hard problem to deal with is that oil leaks are often signs of larger issues. When your car is leaking oil, it can severely impact the performance of your engine. Finding the cause of an oil leak and getting it repaired quickly will help preserve your car’s performance and save you time and money down the line with expensive repairs. At EuroPro we’re committed to helping you take better care of your European car and repairing any oil leaks as quickly and accurately as possible. With two locations in South Carolina, we’re proud to offer complete services to drivers all throughout the areas.

Brands We Service

At EuroPro, each of our locations is fully equipped with the latest factory-grade tools & equipment. This allows us to provide complete oil leak repairs & maintenance for the most popular European brands:

Each brand has a high standard for maintenance and our ASE-certified mechanics understand that. That’s why we work with you to make sure that we get your car the annual services it needs. This way, oil leaks, and other issues can be handled quickly and with minimal damages or impact on your vehicle.

What Causes Oil Leaks?

An oil leak is often a sign that something on your car needs to be replaced. These are just a few things we check as part of our annual maintenance inspections:

  • Degraded engine gaskets
  • Oil pan leaks
  • Oil seals
  • Bad connections
  • Valve cover gaskets
  • Timing cover seal

Replacing these and other components in accordance with your car’s maintenance program will help to limit long-term issues. Our mechanics always work with you to make sure you know how your car is doing and what we recommend as far as what needs repairs or maintenance. We’ll never do work until we get the OK from you.

Learn More Today

EuroPro is proud to help drivers in South Carolina with two locations in:

If you’re noticing oil leaks under your car or you’re having other issues, please call or visit our shop closest to you today. Our friendly staff and expert mechanics are here to help make maintenance as easy and convenient as possible.