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Car Transmission Repair

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One of the essential components of your vehicle, the transmission is also a complicated one. You need to be sure that your transmission is in excellent working order to ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly, and that you don’t encounter other damages in your car. If you own a European vehicle, you don’t want to take your car to just any shop, you want to visit a mechanic you can trust. With how important the transmission is, proper maintenance will go a long way towards preserving the quality of your vehicle. At EuroPro we help drivers throughout North & South Carolina take better care of their European cars with complete transmission maintenance.

Servicing the Best European Brands

Our shop is fully equipped with the latest factory-grade tools & equipment available. This allows our ASE certified mechanics to handle everything your car needs as quickly and accurately as possible.

Recognizing the Symptoms of Transmission Problems

Whether you drive an automatic or manual transmission, sudden transmission failure is an unlikely occurrence. More often, you’ll notice signs and symptoms that indicate transmission issues. Just some symptoms to look for include:

  • Car starts & runs but won’t move when you select a gear
  • The engine feels like it’s revving higher when driving
  • Check engine light stays on
  • Shifting feels harsh or delayed and there’s a lack of response
  • Car is shaking when driving
  • Unusual grinding noise when driving
  • Transmission slipping in and out of gear
  • Obvious signs of leaks
  • Burning smells when driving

Any one of these red flags can mean serious issues with your transmission. If you start to notice any of these, it’s important that you get your car checked immediately. Even the slightest transmission issue can lead to long-term problems throughout your car. That’s why our mechanics take our time to make sure your car is completely taken care of.

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