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BMW Coolant Level Low Warning Light

BMW models are engineered for performance and speed. They have an elite interior to match its sleek exterior design. To keep you BMW in its optimal condition, the engine and all its parts have to be maintained. One necessary component is the coolant fluid that circulates through the engine and radiator.

The coolant keeps the engine cool in order to prevent serious damage caused by overheating. When a coolant leak occurs, you should bring your BMW into our shop for inspection. Knowing the causes of a leak will give you a better understanding of the warning signs and when to head to us for an efficient repair.

Coolant for your BMW

In order to maintain optimal temperature levels in the engine, a mixture of coolant and water is circulated through the system. When the engine is running, continuous combustions are occurring. If left alone with no type of cooling system, the engine would overheat in a matter of minutes.

Overheating can quickly turn into other problems in your engine, such as parts wear occurring at an accelerated rate, which eventually leads to catastrophic damage. This is why coolant plays an important role in the overall function of your BMW.

The coolant relies on an entire system to ensure that it can circulate correctly and effectively. This system consists of pathways in the engine, a thermostat, a water pump, a radiator, a radiator cap, and interconnecting hoses. The water pump circulates the coolant through the hoses and pathways in the engine, and it also absorbs the heat that has been generated by the engine.

Once outside the engine block, the coolant goes into the radiator. In the radiator, the coolant is cooled by air coming in through the front of your BMW. When the coolant is cool again, it circulates back into the engine and the process is repeated.

Common Causes for Coolant Leaks

As you can see, the coolant flows through many different parts of the engine. So when talking about coolant leaks, they can happen at any point during the circulation.

With this in mind, the first cause for a coolant leak is a blown head gasket. Coolant is not the only fluid that is required for your BMW to run effectively. Engine oil is also circulating through the engine, just in different places and pathways. The cylinder head and the engine block are sealed up by the head gasket which also ensures that the coolant and the engine oil do not interact. If the head gasket is blown, there is a chance for the two fluids to mix, and from this, a coolant leak will occur. The coolant will be found in a puddle directly under the engine of your BMW.

A second cause of a coolant leak is a cracked or damaged hose. The coolant circulates through the engine via numerous hoses that are all interconnected. If one of these hoses cracks, breaks, or becomes damaged, coolant will leak out.

Another cause of a coolant leak is loose or worn-out hose connections. In some BMWs, the hoses attach directly to one another, and in other BMWs, the hoses have clamps securing them in place. Both of these attachment options can develop coolant leaks over time. If this were to happen, the hose or hose clamp responsible would have to be located and replaced to ensure the leak does not continue.

A last cause of a coolant leak is a broken radiator. Most common coolant brands now feature anti-corrosion agents to prevent holes. Even with this agent, radiators can develop holes. If the coolant leak is stemming from a hole in the radiator, you will see a puddle at the very front of your BMW.

Fixing Coolant Leaks in BMW

A leak in coolant means that there is not enough to circulate through the engine block and keep it at the optimal temperature for performance. So if you notice coolant leaking from your BMW, it is time to have the leak repaired by My EuroPro.

BMW Coolant Filling

We have locations in Myrtle Beach and Charleston, SC, as well as Wilmington, NC. Drivers are able to go to the shop that is closest to you to have the coolant leak addressed. My EuroPro is a family-owned and operated shop, so we always treat you and your vehicle like family. Once the coolant leak is fixed, you will be back on the road safely, having received personalized service that will give you the confidence to return to us for all your maintenance and service needs.

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