Causes of Coolant Light Illumination on Your BMW from the Experts in Wilmington

BMW Coolant Warning Light

BMWs have an established reputation for power and performance. These glamorous cars are still capable of vehicle issues, such as a problem with your coolant. This will illuminate a warning signal on your vehicle’s dashboard.

Lights on your vehicle’s dashboard is the most common way your vehicle can communicate a problem to you. It is important for you to understand what the light means, and why it might have come one, so you can respond accordingly to ensure the best care for your vehicle.

Why is coolant important?

When in operation, your vehicle’s engine creates a significant amount of heat, strong enough to potentially cause the engine to weld itself together. Coolant is pumped around the vehicle’s engine during operation to prevent that from happening. Without this process, the engine will overheat and lead to dangerous and expensive damages.

Reasons Coolant Light Might be Illuminated

The coolant light on your vehicle’s dashboard could illuminate for the following reasons:

Coolant is Low

This is the most common reason for the coolant warning light turning on. If this is the case then there could be another problem causing the coolant to become low. If there is no underlying problem, then you can refill the coolant yourself, but may want to consider getting a coolant change from an automotive shop.

Faulty Sensor

Most vehicles have a sensor that floats in the coolant tank and when the coolant level gets too low, then the sensor is triggered. If your coolant light is on, but the coolant is not low in the reservoir and it appears there are no leaks, then your vehicle may have a coolant sensor malfunction.

A faulty coolant sensor can falsely trigger the dashboard warning light. If you take your car to an automotive shop, they can perform a diagnostic check on your vehicle’s computer to determine if the sensor is faulty, and replace it if needed.

Reasons Your Coolant Level Might be Low

Most of the reasons your coolant may be low are serious problems and need to be diagnosed and fixed by a qualified automotive technician. Some of the vehicular problems that could be causing your low coolant levels include:

  • leak in reservoir/overflow tank
  • leak in water pump
  • leak in radiator
  • leak in radiator hoses
  • damaged or broken radiator seal affecting pressure in coolant system
  • compromised head gasket burning up coolant (no leak)

What to Do if the Coolant Light Comes On

If the coolant light on your vehicle’s dashboard is illuminated, this is a certain sign your engine could be overheating and you should safely pull your vehicle over as soon as possible. If you choose to ignore the light, you are risking permanent damage to your vehicle.

After pulling over you should wait at least thirty minutes for your vehicle to cool down before you check the coolant levels. If you don’t wait for your vehicle to cool down, you could be burned by hot, pressurized steam that blows out of your coolant reservoir if opened too early.

Once the engine has cooled down, you should check the coolant reservoir located under the vehicle’s hood to see if the fluid level BMW Coolant Fillingis low. If your coolant levels are low, you can open the coolant reservoir by turning the cap slowly to release any remaining pressure before you open it fully. Add coolant to the reservoir as needed until it reaches the full line.

If you notice any leaks yourself, you should consider having your vehicle towed to a repair shop. If you are not able to see any visible leaks and the coolant light on the dashboard has gone out, then you can drive your vehicle to a repair shop. It is recommended that whether you see a leak or not, that you take your vehicle to be inspected and serviced at your earliest opportunity to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive and ensure any potential issues are fixed before they cause any more problems.

Coolant is a critical part of your vehicle during operation and any issues that may keep the proper amount of coolant from moving around your engine needs to be addressed. At My Euro Pro, your vehicle will be serviced by expert automotive technicians. If you are in Myrtle Beach or Charleston, SC, or in Wilmington, NC and are experiencing coolant related issues, bring your vehicle to My Euro Pro and keep your BMW running in excellent condition.

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