Common but Unspoken Issues with Tesla Models

Tesla Car

The Tesla brand provides luxury, unique style, and eco-friendly cars. They are not only the leading electric car manufacturers, but they also provide innovative features, interior comforts, and strong performance. Although Tesla models do not experience the same problems as conventional cars that have a combustion engine, they have their peculiar problems. It is important to know and consider these before you make your decision to purchase a Tesla model.

Frequent Complaints We See with Tesla Cars

The following are some of the common issues we see when owners bring in their Tesla models:

  • Engine Stalling while Driving: Tesla models may shut down The problem can be traced to high voltage controller failure. Also, battery depletion can lead to this problem, though it’s highly unlikely you will miss the warnings before this becomes a problem.
  • Cosmetic Body Paint Problem: A lot of Tesla models have issues with the paint finish, especially the Tesla Model 3.
  • Failure of the Touchscreen: The touchscreen controls everything in the car, so when it fails, it results in a major problem for the driver/owner. A Tesla with a failed touch screen is not able to function.
  • Water in the lights: This issue is not common to only Tesla vehicles but to a lot of cars with led lights. Moisture may enter the light fixture and cause it to fail. However, if the light is filled with water and it is draining, then this could spark an electrical issue. When you are using an entirely electrical vehicle, this could spell disaster for your Tesla model.
  • Getting locked out of your Tesla: Some Tesla car owners have reported being locked out of their car. Teslas do not come with a physical key. You must unlock your car with your smartphone app or electronic key card. So it is a major problem if you are locked out of your car.
  • Backseats and Seatbelt Not Attached: Some Tesla models have been found to not have the seatbelt and backseat mounted properly to the frame. Occupants are exposed to the components under the seat such as high voltage system, disconnect handle, high battery voltage metal casing, and metal brackets. Also, a collision of the car would cause the seat to be displaced.
  • Water Leaks: There have been reports of water leaking from the headliner on the front center console and the rare hatch area. A simple car wash exposing a Tesla’s roof to high-pressure water for 5 seconds can allow quite an amount of water to leak into the car. Heavy rainstorms may produce the same negative outcome.
  • Heating element failures: The heating element of quite a number of Teslas has been reported to fail. It is not unusual to hear a loud popping sound in the cabin as the heating element stops functioning.
  • Hard to Read Cruise Control Display: Tesla drivers report constantly taking their eyes off the road to check the screen for adjustments. This is a problem as it poses a safety hazard to everyone on the road.

Bring your Tesla to European Automotive Experts for Professional Assistance

Since Tesla vehicles are all-electric, they do not require normal services like annual oil changes. However, they need other services such as HEPA Filter Replacement, Tire Rotation, Cabin Air Filter Replacement, Balance and Wheel Alignment, Air Conditioning Service, Battery Services and Replacement, and Winter Care for the battery, in particular.

My Euro Pro is an elite automotive service and repair facility that is Bosch Certified. We specialize in European automobiles and the Tesla brand.

Our European specialties include:

We have shops in more than one location and we provide service to customers within Myrtle Beach and Charleston, South Carolina as well as North Carolina. We have ASE-certified technicians who have years of experience in providing complete Tesla maintenance and repairs designed to maximize all the features and specs that drivers depend on their cars for daily.

As a Bosch service center, we provide customers with financing options through Bosch with zero percent interest options! Contact us today for your European automotive needs and to keep your Tesla running like new.

* Tesla Car image credit goes to: JasonDoiy.

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