Common Causes Of Erratic Lights In an Audi

Audi A6

Imagine driving home from a night out, and suddenly you start having issues with your Audi’s lights. This would be a scary feeling, indeed. Several reasons can cause lights outside and inside your Audi to malfunction.

The Audi brand, known for reliability and advanced technology, relies on electrical power for much of its systems. In this article, we will investigate common sources of erratic lights in Audi and what to do when they happen.

Types of Light Affected

When we think of lights acting erratically in your Audi, we probably imagine headlamps. You must also consider the dozens of other lights built into the vehicle’s technology. Let’s list several lights that will suffer when malfunctioning in your Audi and how much you depend on them.

  • Dash lights: Most of us don’t realize how much we count on our dash lights until they are not available to us. Whether your Audi has analog style indicators or a digital display, losing the lighting source for either keeps you from knowing your speed and other essential needs to drive at night.
  • Interior lighting: How many times have you flipped a dome light on to see something in the interior when driving? Imagine now the light flickers or doesn’t come on at all.
  • Brake lights: One common issue with erratic lights is when brake lights become stuck in the braking position. This is dangerous as others behind you cannot know when you are truly braking.
  • Headlamps: Headlights that dim or flicker on and off have also been recorded to happen.

These are just a few examples of what lights can be affected by failing sources that control them. Next, let’s look at some of these root causes.

Sources of Erratic Lighting in Audi

When brands such as Audi push the technology envelope, newer problems arise in those advancements after a few years. New technology is brought to market so fast to outpace those of others. It makes sense that they have not all had years of testing completed. This can lead to malfunctions showing up later, especially in electronic components.

At the same time, tried and true technology also fails over time due to natural wear and tear of components. Here are few causes of erratic light behavior.

  • Failing Alternator: When an alternator fails, your battery’s voltage cannot continue to power all of your car’s electronics. What happens next are anomalies like flashing dash lights, headlamps that go dim enough so the driver cannot see at night.
  • Blown fuse: A fuse in your Audi acts as a circuit breaker within your car’s wiring system. When a fuse blows, you will lose whatever power lights are on the circuit.
  • Loose wire connections: Loose connections are among the most prominent causes of erratic lighting and one of the most problematic sources to track down. As your Audi operates down the road, a loose connection loses and regains its connection.
  • Faulty electronic screens: Screens that display cameras, driver readouts, and even controls react to vibrations from road conditions, leading to erratic behavior. These are part of newer technology that will be improved in the future.

All of the sources listed have one thing in common. They all are part of regular service checks at a quality repair shop. Most experienced Audi technicians have seen about every malfunction that has happened in regards to lighting. This means part of their inspection programs include looking for erratic lighting sources that can cause you to be left stranded on the road.

What To Do When Experiencing Erratic Lighting

Troubleshooting and repairing your Audi needs to occur at a center that can handle the technology built into the brand. Ensure that any place you take your vehicle has the equipment to diagnose the root cause of your Audi’s erratic lighting and other problems you are having. Experienced technicians are necessary to make certain your car has diagnostics and repairs completed in a timely manner.

Who to Trust With Your Audi

If you experience erratic lighting issues Audi Erratic Headlight Fix in your Audi, bring it to us at My Euro Pro, serving Myrtle Beach and Charleston, SC and Wilmington, NC. Our ASE certified and experienced technicians will provide the quality and detailed service you deserve. Contact us today to have your Audi serviced by us.

* Audi A6 image credit goes to: DarthArt.

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