Easily Resolve Land Rover Air Suspension Issues in Wilmington

Land Rover Air Suspension

Land Rover vehicles have been the number one choice in sport utility vehicles for a long time. Owners enjoy the ability to go from smooth paved highways to uneven dirt roads. To many, Land Rovers are a symbol of freedom because you can take it in most terrains.

One of the major ways to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible is by remaining up to date on all servicing and maintenance. Even when you do that, unforeseen issues can arise that are concerning.

One such issue relates to the air suspension. Keep reading to find out more about how the air suspension works, what signs to look for if it is going bad, and where to have the system fixed.

The Beauty of Air Suspension

Air suspension systems were first used in cargo trucks. Now, an increasing number of vehicles have air suspension systems bolstered by new technology.

Air suspension systems are essentially enhanced suspensions. Instead of the old coil springs that were originally used, air springs are used. The air springs mimic coil springs by inflating to a certain pressure and height. The air springs are hard and tough so will not easily break. This is the only similarity that the air suspension system has to the older coil suspension system.

The air suspension system includes an air compressor, sensors, and electrical controls. The air suspension system is controlled by the electrical control system. This is what tells the air compressor the amount of pressurized air to send to the air springs. From there, the air springs are inflated.

The air springs micro-adjust based on the terrain that the Land Rover is traversing. The valves and lines carry the air to the air springs. After receiving the signal from the computer system, the valves open and closed to ensure the proper amount of air is in the system.

From there, the air suspension system acts as any other suspension would. It helps to maintain the smoothness of the ride by absorbing shocks and jolts that can occur while on the road. The air suspension system can better absorb and control the potentially uneven road.

Signs of a Failing or Bad Air Suspension System

To keep the air suspension system operating in the best condition, you should be aware of what signs to look for if it begins to fail. This ensures that the issues are caught early and can be addressed efficiently and effectively.

The first sign is your Land Rover riding lower than normal. The air springs are filled with pressurized air that comes from the compressor. When the compressor is failing, the air springs do not have the proper amount of air. Thus, leading to your Land Rover riding noticeably lower than usual.

The second sign to be aware of is a bumpier ride. As you are driving on a nicely-paved road, your Land Rover should be able to absorb all shocks. Anything other than this is considered a bumpy ride and is a sign of a leak in one of the air springs.

The air springs are made out of durable rubber that is meant to last a long time, but they will get to the point when they wear out and deteriorate. When this happens, the compressed air will not hold the air spring in place, so deflation occurs, making the ride bumpier.

Fixing the Air Suspension System

The air suspension system plays a Land Rover Air Suspension Issue Fix crucial part in the overall performance of your Land Rover, so it is important to maintain it. When you notice any of the above-mentioned signs, it is time to bring your Land Rover into your trusted technician at My Euro Pro.

We have three convenient locations in Myrtle Beach and Charleston, SC as well as well as Wilmington, NC. At all of our locations, you can schedule an appointment to have your Land Rover inspected.

When you bring your vehicle to us, the latest and most up-to-date diagnostic tools are used to determine the exact reason for the air suspension issues and potential failure. After this has been identified, high-quality parts are used to replace and repair any components in need of service. Your Land Rover will be returned to you clean, safe for the road, and able to provide you with the smooth ride you expect. Call us today for a convenient appointment.

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