Expert Advice on Performing a Transmission Flush in Your BMW

BMW Gear Shifting Issue

Transmission fluid in your BMW keeps all parts of your transmission properly lubricated, protecting it from overheating and sustaining damage. This fluid should be changed frequently, and if it isn’t, you can run into trouble.

In BMWs, flushing the transmission fluid entirely is not always the best option because under certain circumstances, it could damage this part further. Let’s talk about the different issues that can arise with a transmission flush and how you can prevent it from happening in the future.

Transmission Fluid Change v. Transmission Flush

When you change the transmission fluid in your car, you are not completely getting rid of all of the old fluid. Instead, you drain half of the fluid into the pan. The other half stays in the transmission. After this step, you replenish the reservoir with new fluid.

Conversely, a transmission flush effectively drains all old fluid, pumping in fresh fluid from one hose and ejecting the old through another. You are forcefully pushing out everything that was once inside.

This is generally safe to do if your fluid is in good condition and the transmission is undamaged. However, performing a transmission flush under any other circumstance could cause significant problems.

Possible Consequences of a Transmission Flush

If you have totally flushed the transmission when the fluid inside was old and full of debris, it’s likely that you’ll experience some issues while driving. The most common problem stems from a clogged valve body due to transmission fluid debris. This clogged valve results in the eventual loss of the ability to shift gears in your BMW.

Performing the flush incorrectly can also lead to transmission slipping. Transmission slipping symptoms include:

  • delays in acceleration
  • problems shifting gears (i.e. difficult, loss of ability, noises while shifting)
  • a burning smell
  • illumination of the check engine light
  • inability to put your BMW in reverse

As you can see, transmission slipping can be dangerous when you need to react quickly in an emergency situation. Though it can happen for various reasons, a transmission flush at the wrong time is likely to cause the issue.

When a Transmission Flush is Appropriate

Most drivers typically settle for changing their transmission fluid instead of performing a flush. Sometimes, though, a transmission flush can be beneficial to your BMW. You have to know when it’s advisable to do it, and there are some easy steps to take to determine when a flush is okay.

First, check your driver’s manual. It should recommend either transmission fluid changes or flushes, depending on your particular transmission.

Second, you can check the quality of the fluid currently in your car. If the fluid is in good shape, it should be light pink or red in color. You will not need to change or flush the fluid in this case. If the fluid is light brown in color, the fluid should be changed. If the fluid is dark brown, your transmission fluid is old and likely has accrued debris. If there are metal bits floating in the fluid, your transmission is damaged.

In any case, it is best to have professional mechanics judge which method is best for your BMW. They will know how to perform this maintenance without risking further damage to your BMW.

BMW Transmission Flush

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