Harmful Effects of a Failing Crankshaft Position Sensor in Your Porsche

Porsche CKP Sensor Failure Effect

The CranKshaft Position sensor (CKP sensor) can be commonly found on all modern vehicles that have combustion engines. You might recognize one of the components as the RPM engine speed sensor.

The CKP sensor acts as an engine management component that monitors both the speed and position of the crankshaft, while also acting as a communication line between the engine control unit and the crankshaft, adjusting the operating conditions appropriately. This component is responsible for spark ignition, fuel injection, as well as coordinating timing between the various parts of the engine.

The crankshaft speed and position are two of the most significant calculations necessary for maintaining a properly running engine. In fact, many engines will simply not run if the sensor is operating incorrectly. Oftentimes when a crankshaft position sensor becomes problematic, there are a few presenting symptoms that notify the driver it needs to be serviced to prevent further damage.

Potential Problems of an Improperly Working Crankshaft Position Sensor

The most common symptom is issues starting your vehicle. If the engine hasn’t received clear instructions from all components, it’s not going to start. This is similar to how an airplane won’t take off until it’s completed all the proper checkpoints. The communication between the CKP sensor and engine is one of the main components to a running engine.

Sometimes while driving, an engine may stall for various reasons. A common cause is a faulty CKP sensor or wiring. If either component is having issues and is noticed by the system while the vehicle is in motion, it is likely the cut off of signal will cause the engine to stall and stop running. Usually this from faulty wiring, but in rare cases the CKP sensor can cause the symptom while driving.

Another common symptom is illumination of the check engine light. This may happen if the engine detects an issue with the CKP sensor. However, many issues may cause a check engine light to come on, so it is important to have your vehicle inspected by a professional technician who best knows your vehicle.

Common Causes of a CKP Sensor Failure

Some of the things that commonly cause the sensor to malfunction are damage to the sensor, road debris, and faulty wiring.

Although many modern vehicles are built with electronics, engines are a hostile environment for this type of technology. With the heat and vibrations produced by the engine, the internal wiring and circuits often expand, vibrate, and overtime, weaken, causing the CKP sensor to develop issues. If any parts become broken, bent, or too worn out it will weaken the signal causing a sensor failure.

On the road and under the base of our vehicles, small flying debris is not uncommon. Oftentimes metal shavings get loose and lodged into some free space amongst these components. If they happen to be in just the right position, they will affect the visibility field of the sensor producing a weak and faulty signal.

Lastly, circuits may fail over time with wear and tear. If the circuit isn’t working properly, the signal won’t reach the proper components to keep the engine running.

Where to Go for Help for Your CKP Sensor

At My Euro Pro we’ve been servicing Porsches and other high-performance vehicles for decades. Our background and Porsche CKP Sensor Check experience makes us knowledgeable on both the common and rare issues that sometimes arise with uncompromising cars. If you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms or any other concerns, stop in to our nearest location to you for an inspection.

We’ll run a diagnostics and make sure every component of your vehicle is in tip top shape, and we’ll do our absolute best to prevent problems such as failing CKP sensors from ever arising.

Our Myrtle Beach, SC location services Belville, Hightsville, Wrightsboro, Leland, Silver Lake, Kings Grant, and many additional surrounding areas.

Our Charleston location proudly serves Mt. Pleasant, Hanahan, Goose Creek, James Island, LincolnVille, Summerville, and more. We even have an auto service shop in Wilmington, NC that serves the surrounding areas including Homewood, Folly Beach, Red Hill, and so many others.

Contact us today to make a convenient appointment. We look forward to becoming your trusted service center for all your service and maintenance needs.

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