How to Deal with an ABS Module Failure in a Volkswagen

Volkswagen ABS Warning

The Volkswagen brand is widely known for its quality and reliability on the road. New Volkswagen vehicles today come standard with loads of high-tech features embedded throughout their systems. One of these components is the ABS system.

ABS is an acronym for Anti-lock Brake System, and it’s responsible for brake control and regulation in your Volkswagen. This is obviously an important safety feature in your vehicle, but unfortunately, Volkswagens in particular are known to have malfunctioning ABS modules over time. If you suspect your Volkswagen vehicle isn’t braking properly, the ABS module may be the reason why.

What is the ABS module?

The ABS system is made up of four ABS sensors, one located on each tire, and an ABS module. Essentially, a module is a computer located within your vehicle, and this module specifically controls the braking system. The sensors communicate wheel speed back to the module, which allows the module to pump the brakes when the driver abruptly hits the brake pedal.

In the past, you might have been taught to pump your brakes manually if faced with an icy road or steep hill, to avoid your brakes from locking up. Anti-lock brakes solve this problem by providing traction control and preventing brakes from locking up when the brake pedal is hit fast and hard. This stops the vehicle from skidding or hydroplaning, and allows your vehicle to come to a complete stop.

It can be scary to discover too late that your ABS module isn’t working, for example in snowy or rainy weather when you have to slam on your brakes. The good news is if you are observant and take note when braking doesn’t feel normal, you can get this issue fixed before it becomes a safety hazard.

Signs Your ABS Module has Failed

There are few ways to tell if your ABS module has failed. If you notice your brakes aren’t responding like they typically do, it’s important to take your Volkswagen to a mechanic to get it repaired quickly.

  • ABS light is on: The best indicator there is a problem with the ABS module in your Volkswagen is an illuminated ABS light on the dashboard. If there is not an ABS light, the check engine light should come on instead and can be diagnosed by your mechanic.
  • Pedal isn’t responsive: Your brake pedal may feel different than normal when pressing on it. If you have to use more pressure than normal or the braking function is delayed when you hit the pedal, it could be for a variety of reasons. Maybe your brake pads are worn, but it could be a sign that something is wrong with your ABS module. Inspection from your mechanic will determine the problem.
  • Brakes lock up: If the ABS module in your Volkswagen has failed, your brakes will lock up more frequently. If malfunctioning, the ABS sensors won’t be able to communicate wheel speed information to the module and the module will not effectively adjust to abrupt braking. Deteriorating brake function can quickly become a safety hazard and is imperative to have addressed by your Volkswagen mechanic as soon as possible.

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