How to Deal with an Ignition Lock Failure in Your Porsche

Porsche Ignition Lock

The ignition lock assembly is something you utilize every time you operate your Porsche, yet you probably don’t give it much thought. You’ll find this part attached to the right side of your steering wheel. The ignition lock assembly is the fancy way of saying, “the mechanism that you put your key into to start up your Porsche.” This part doesn’t seem like a very important component on your vehicle, but if it runs into any issues, you may find yourself unable to even start your Porsche.

Most newer models of Porsches come equipped with a push-button start ignition. However, the majority of the Porsche’s on the road still utilize the traditional style of ignition lock assemblies.

One of the most important components of the ignition is a part called an ignition cylinder. This part is crucial for various other functions to be performed at various settings, such as locking or unlocking your steering wheel so you can start the engine. Luckily, the ignition lock assembly was designed to last many years and you may go the entire lifespan of your Porsche without having any issues. However, if any problems do start to appear, you’ll want to get them checked out by a trained Porsche specialist mechanic right away to avoid further and worse damage.

How does an ignition lock work?

When you insert your key and turn it over to start your engine, you probably don’t think much about what exactly is going on inside the mechanism. To start with, there are various notches inside the ignition cylinder that allow different functions based on the position of your key. For example:

  • Turning the key one click clockwise (or forward) will “unlock” the steering wheel and engage your Porsche’s basic electrical components.
  • On the second click forward, it will engage more components, such as power windows.
  • On the third click, your vehicle prepares to start the engine.
  • On the fourth click, the engine finally starts. Any issues with your ignition lock assembly will lead to issues in their corresponding functions.

Warning Signs of Ignition Lock Failure in Your Porsche

  • Key Is Not Going In: If you try to insert your key into the ignition and it is either hard to insert or it won’t insert at all, then there is either an issue with your key or the ignition cylinder. Closely inspect your key, first. If you don’t see any dents, bends, or damage on your key then it is likely that the issue is with the ignition cylinder. Over time your ignition coil can become dirty, corroded, etched, or otherwise damaged and you’ll have to have it replaced.
  • Parts of Your Car Aren’t Powering: As previously mentioned, the ignition lock on your Porsche is responsible for controlling a whole host of different parts and functions, including your power windows, radio, headlights, windshield wipers, and many more parts.
  • Car Won’t Start: Of all its functions, starting your Porsche is the most important job your ignition lock has. There are numerous issues that can go wrong in your ignition lock that will prevent it from starting your vehicle either sporadically or at all. The most common issue is usually a worn out cylinder, but you most likely can’t know for sure unless you have a Porsche specialist take a look.

Common Causes of Ignition Lock Failure in Porsches

The absolute most common cause for ignition lock failure is normal wear and tear over time. Repeated inserting and removing the key, not to mention turning the ignition over, across many uses can cause the part to simply give out. This is why such an issue is normally found in Porsche’s that were either manufactured many years ago or who have acquired a whole lot of mileage.

While certainly the most common cause for failure, this isn’t the only reason why your ignition lock might run into issues. Foreign objects such as dirt and hair can also get lodged into the ignition lock and damage the interlock solenoid, for example. A damaged solenoid generally results in a vehicle that cannot be moved out of park position.

What to Do If the Ignition Lock in Your Porsche Fails

If the ignition lock in your Porsche is Porsche Ignition Lock Repair showing any warning signs, you should call our Porsche-certified mechanics right away. You may have already found several tips and suggestions online for doing your own repairs, but be cautious. A Porsche has some rather unique needs and is best serviced by our mechanics who have special training in Porsches models. Call My Euro Pro for service in Myrtle Beach and Charleston, SC or in Wilmington, NC. We look forward to earning your patronage.

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