How to Deal with Crank Seal Oil Leaks in Your Mini

Mini Cooper Crank Seal Oil Leak Sign

If your Mini Cooper is leaking oil, a faulty crank seal may be the cause. The crank seal is a vital part of your Mini’s engine and is located at the end of the crankshaft. If a damaged crank seal is left unrepaired for an extended period of time, it will cause significant damage to both your Mini Cooper and wherever your car is parked.

Your Mini Cooper’s Crank Seal is Important

The crank seal keeps all of the oil inside of the crankshaft from dripping out and making a mess. The crankshaft rotates oil during operation and must be fully submerged in oil to properly work. This process is essential for a well-functioning engine and extensive engine damage can occur if it is not performed correctly.

Your vehicle’s crank seal also keeps the engine clean and free of toxins. By sealing off your crankshaft, debris and dirt are incapable of entering your engine. Without a properly-installed and functioning crank seal, your vehicle may leak oil and become exposed to many harmful contaminants.

Reasons Why Your Crank Seal May Fail

Next, we will identify some of the most common causes of crank seal failure. If any of the triggers below describe your vehicle, bring it to the shop immediately for an inspection.

  • High mileage: Crank seals typically wear out once a vehicle has reached 100,000 If your vehicle has a high number of miles on it, have your crank seal checked. Take a look at your vehicle’s user manual to find out how often the crank seal should be serviced. Preventative maintenance is crucial when trying to avoid any unnecessary damage to your vehicle.
  • Faulty installation: If your crank seal was installed incorrectly, it can lead to some devastating consequences. Faulty installations are a common occurrence due to the complicated location of the crank seal. In order to access your vehicle’s crank seal, the crankshaft pulley and belts must be removed. Our certified technicians are properly trained to install and inspect crank seals and can check your vehicle for any possible installation issues.
  • Extreme weather: Your crank seal is made of rubber or other flexible and elastic-like materials. These materials are sensitive to severe weather and harsh temperature Unfortunately, these materials are not made to last. Extreme weather exposure can cause the elasticity of the crank seal to weaken and break. Cracking, deterioration, and decomposition are all common causes of failing crank seals. This problem is especially common in many warmer states in the South, including South Carolina and North Carolina.

Identifying a Crank Seal Leak

If your vehicle is showing any of the signs below, take your vehicle in for an inspection as soon as possible:

  • Check engine light: A check engine light is often the first sign that there is a problem with your vehicle. Your car is trying to let you know that there is an issue. Oftentimes, leaks are not detectable until they have occurred for some time. Early diagnosis of a crank seal leak will keep you from damaging your engine any further.
  • Oil leak: As soon as your Mini Cooper starts to drip oil, your engine is at risk for further harm. A few drops may not seem like a big deal, but oil can accumulate in the bottom of your engine and cause serious, expensive damage to your Mini. Oil drips may also spray onto your clutch while your vehicle is in motion. This can cause your clutch to sporadically slip.

My Euro Pro Can Help

If you suspect that your crank seal needs to be replaced or your Mini Cooper is leaking oil, contact us today and schedule an appointment. Mini Cooper Crank Seal Oil Leak Repair Our certified technicians are highly trained experts and are fully equipped to work on your Mini Cooper.

We are a family-owned company that provides quality auto work and friendly service. We specialize in European vehicles and are experts in our field. Our technicians can assist you with all of your vehicle’s needs, including routine inspections, preventative maintenance, and vehicle repairs.

We have three locations that are conveniently located throughout the Carolinas in Myrtle Beach, SC, Charleston, SC, and Wilmington, NC. Stop by one of our locations today! We look forward to meeting you.

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