How to Get Rid of Poor Fuel Economy in a Mercedes in Charleston

Mercedes Fuel Economy

Mercedes models are designed to provide safety and luxury. However, to get the best out of your Mercedes, the manufacturer advises proper and regular maintenance. This helps expose some issues that may cause serious damage to your car. If you fail to adhere to this advice, your car may have serious issues among which is poor fuel economy.

Causes of Poor Fuel Economy in a Mercedes

The following could be the reasons why your Mercedes is using more fuel than expected.

Problems with Engines

If the engine of your Mercedes or any of the engine components involved in the internal combustion cycle (such as O2 sensor, spark plug, or fuel injector) is faulty, the result would be increased fuel consumption leading to a decrease in the fuel mileage.

Wrong Engine Oil

The engine oil could be a reason why your Mercedes uses more fuel. Engine oil is very important to the functioning of your engine and as such care should be taken when buying it as there are many grades being sold.

If you make use of an engine oil thicker than what your Mercedes engine requires, what would happen is that the pistons would not be able to move freely as they should and this would cause overheating of the engine and subsequently more fuel would be consumed.

Poor Quality of Fuel

If you use a bad quality fuel, it would lead to problems in the engine and the result should be that your Mercedes is using up more fuel.

Worn Out Tires

Tire issues like wear or incorrect pressure would cause the tires to spin more in order to move and this would lower the fuel mileage of your Mercedes.

Irregular Maintenance

Ignoring regular maintenance of your Mercedes will cause your engine to develop issues. Not only that the air filter can become clogged from poor maintenance. When these happen, your Mercedes will burn more fuel.

Short Trips

Frequent driving your car for short trips (below 3 miles) may cause your Mercedes to use more fuel. This occurs when driving a distance because your engine does not get to the optimum temperature, making the engine use more fuel.

Bad Driving Habits

The way you drive your Mercedes may affect its fuel economy. For example, driving at a high revolution per minute, changing gears frequently, stepping on the pedal, braking repeatedly, and accelerating suddenly could all lead to low fuel economy in your Mercedes.

Idling Unnecessary

Leaving your Mercedes engine running when it is not moving, especially during heavy traffic jams, will cause it to consume more fuel. It is advisable to turn the engine off when you need to stop for more than a minute or two. The amount of fuel it takes to restart the engine is less than what idling consumes.

My EuroPro Will Resolve Your Poor Fuel Economy Issues

If you notice that your Mercedes uses more fuel than normal, it could be as a result of any of the above reasons. It is important to get the problem resolved so that you don’t get stranded because of an empty fuel tank. Also, as much as possible, do not ignore routine maintenance of your Mercedes as some of the issues causing low fuel economy could be fixed by servicing your car.

Mercedes Quality Engine Oil Filling

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