Important Things to Know About Lagging Brakes in Your Jaguar

Jaguar Dashboard Brake Light

Brakes in most cars experience lag due to many conditions, and the Jaguar is not exempted. The company has had to make recalls in the past due to brake-related problems in some of their vehicles. Brake lagging is simply a situation when there is an abnormal wait between the period when the driver presses the brake and when the car begins to slow down.

For a fast car like a Jaguar model, brake lagging is a very disturbing issue and should be addressed immediately. This article will discuss the causes, symptoms, and how to avoid brake lags in Jaguars.

Why does the brake of Your Jaguar lag?

The brakes can lags for many reasons, and they include:

  • Shortage of Brake Fluid: Fluids are an essential part of all vehicles, as they ensure that friction doesn’t destroy the parts that rub together. When there is a fluid leak, the levels drop below the recommended volume, rendering the braking system dysfunctional. Insufficient brake fluid supply to the wheels is also a prevalent cause of brake lagging.
  • Hydraulic Problems: This has been described as one of the most common causes of brake problems. Hydraulic problems occur when there is air in the lines. This is why the hydraulic system of brakes are usually sealed to prevent air from moving into the lines. However, a redundant master cylinder can allow air to penetrate the lines, thereby compromising the brake system and reducing the brake responsiveness.
  • A bad wheel bearing: A bad wheel bearing can also cause the brake to lag. A bad wheel bearing causes the rotor to wobble on its axis, pushing the caliper piston to its bore by the rotor. Hence when the brake is pressed, the travel embarked on by the piston is longer than usual, which delays the brake response time.

Symptoms that Your Jaguar’s Brake is Lagging

Being observant and taking note of minute changes in your vehicle will help you stay ahead of problems. The following symptoms are indicators that your vehicle brake system is about to develop a brake problem.

  • Squeaking and Needing to Pump the Brake: When your brake squeaks or grinds, and you have to pump the brake before your vehicle stops, the brake might have developed a lagging problem or headed towards one.
  • Too Soft or Hard Brakes: You might need to see an expert if your Jaguar brakes become too soft or hard, which indicates impending brake lag and ultimately a brake failure. You want precision control over your braking system at all times.
  • Brake Light on Dashboard: if your brake light comes on, it is an indication that there is likely damage to a part or whole of the braking system. You should take your vehicle to a Jaguar specialist for proper diagnosis.

How to Prevent Brake Lags in Your Jaguar

The brake must be in sound conditions at all times. You can prevent brake lags by following the following tips:

  • Ensuring Proper Maintenance: If you are intentional about extending your vehicle’s brake’s life cycle and functionality, you should be more conscious of your maintenance culture. Regularly getting maintenance service for your vehicle would go a long way in sustaining it.
  • Avoid Heavy Braking: Avoiding heavy and abrupt braking will go a long way in ensuring the longevity of your brake system. Follow traffic laws and keep a good distance between you and the vehicle ahead to avoid having to stop abruptly if the vehicle ahead of you suddenly brakes.

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