Potential Tail Lamp Assembly Issues in Your BMW

BMW Tail Lamp

BMW vehicles have long been considered the standard when it comes to blending safety and comfort with power. Though these classic cars certainly live up to this reputation, they are not infallible.

One more common problem that BMWs, especially older models, face are tail lamp assembly issues. While these issues will not prevent your car from running properly, it is still important that you address the problems. Tail lamps are a vital part of safe driving and ensuring their proper function will keep yourself and other drivers out of harm’s way.

Tail Lamp Assembly: Function and Importance

The tail lamp assembly of your BMW is made up of a collection of lights at the rear end of your vehicle. The lights signal to other drivers your intentions to brake or turn, and they help others see you in dark or inclement weather.

Without these lights, it is far less likely that other drivers see your BMW in time and stop before a crash occurs. Even if the crash doesn’t result in injury, you will be spending a significant amount of money on repairs.

Reasons Behind Tail Lamp Assembly Failure

A BMW’s tail lamp assembly may fail for several reasons. The most common cause of tail lamp assembly failure is a burned-out bulb. The bulb could belong to your taillights, brake lights, or turn lights. However the issue manifests, this is easy to resolve. You simply need to install a new bulb. You can do this yourself, but it is recommended that you see a qualified mechanic in the event that the burned-out bulb is just a symptom of a larger issue.

One of the more complicated tail lamp assembly issues to fix is a bad socket. In this case, the bulbs are still fine, but they may still fail to illuminate when they should. The socket could be damaged due to broken wires or corrosion. Regular wear and tear can also be a factor, as many parts of your BMW will fail due to regular use over time.

Your BMW’s brake light switch may be damaged. When you hit the brakes, your taillights may not illuminate to signal what you are doing. If the bulbs are still good, a bad brake light switch is the most likely culprit.

One more reason behind tail lamp assembly failure is a blown or broken fuse. The various fuses in your BMW connect your electrical system to their appropriate parts and their function is to protect these electrical parts from receiving too much power. When the fuse blows, your taillights and brake lights may stop working.

Tail Lamp Assembly Failure: Warning Sign

If the tail lamp assembly in your BMW is not working anymore, you will notice that your taillights, brake lights, and/or turn signals will not illuminate when they are supposed to. If these lights aren’t working for any reason, you must take your car to a team of qualified mechanics for the safety of all drivers and to avoid a costly ticket.

Tail Light Assembly Service from the Best in Myrtle Beach

If you suspect that your BMW is experiencing BMW Tail Lamp Bulb Change tail light assembly issues, you need to find a team of auto specialists that you can trust to resolve the problem quickly and correctly. Drivers in the Myrtle Beach, Charleston, and Wilmington areas of SC will find that the My Euro Pro team is qualified and ready to handle any issues that your BMW experiences.

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We offer full service to BMWs and other European brands, including:

Whatever the problem, you can trust My Euro Pro’s team of mechanics to accurately diagnose the issue and work with you to resolve it and get you safely back on the road without the hassle and expense that going to a dealership often entails. Call or contact us by phone or online at any time.

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