Professional Oil Changes for Your Audi in Myrtle Beach

Audi Oil Change

While Audis are both stylish and high quality in terms of performance, they can only perform at their best with regular oil changes. Being up to date on your Audi’s oil changes will extend your vehicle’s mileage and prevent costly and inconvenient breakdowns. After all, what is the point of owning such a sophisticated car if you cannot take it everywhere?

In this article, we will go over some important information about oil changes, as well as where you can get an oil change in the Myrtle Beach area.

When do Audis need an oil change?

Generally, most experts state that Audi’s need an oil change either after every ten thousand miles or after one year, whichever comes first. However, your Audi may need an oil change sooner or later than that, which depends on how you drive. The following types of driving affect when your Audi will need an oil change.

Constant Short Distance Driving

Driving short distances frequently is actually quite stressful for your Audi’s engine, especially if you are driving in a city or other heavily-trafficked area, as this requires constant braking and accelerating.

If you normally drive your Audi in these conditions, it will need oil changes more often, closer to every three to five thousand miles. This consistent lubrication of mechanical parts should keep your Audi’s engine from getting worn out.

Frequent Highway Driving

Driving at high speeds for long amounts of time actually lets your Audi’s engine to reach its peak performance temperature. When the engine heats exactly as it should, the oil does not become very contaminated, meaning that it lasts longer than usual.

If you typically drive on the highway or in similar circumstances, your Audi will not need an oil change until somewhere between six and fifteen thousand miles. For a more exact number, contact your service professional.

High-Performance Driving

High-performance driving is essentially racing or driving fast off the green light. This form of driving involves a lot of revving and high RPMs. Racers are not the only Audi owners that drive like this. Some drivers enjoy testing their Audi’s abilities in their spare time, especially if it is a sports model.

High-performance driving is the most taxing on an Audi’s engine, and it leads to a quicker breakdown of the oil. In this case, the oil will need to be changed a lot, after about one thousand to four thousand miles, or even after every race.

The Best Type of Oil for Your Audi

The type of oil that your Audi requires can also play a part in determining how often your vehicle will need an oil change. Using the most optimal oil for your specific model will extend the amount of time you can drive between oil changes.

Selecting the best motor oil for your Audi is fairly simple, as all of the information related to oil requirements should be listed in your owner’s manual. Be sure to account for viscosity and any other manual specifications when choosing a motor oil.

New and older models of Audis have one big difference in terms of what kind of motor oil they need. Newer Audis typically run on synthetic motor oil, which is more efficient and keeps the engine running at peak performance for much longer. This is where the general recommendation of ten thousand miles to a year comes from.

My Euro Pro for your Audi’s Needs

My Euro Pro is dedicated to Audi Oil Level Checkpreventative maintenance, and we are eager to change your Audi’s oil quickly and efficiently to keep your vehicle on the road at peak performance.

Our skilled technicians are Bosch certified. Clients from Myrtle Beach, SC, Charleston, SC, Wilmington, NC, and surrounding areas rely on our expert oil changing services. My Euro Pro has all of the factory-grade motor oils and parts that will best suit your vehicle.

We specialize in servicing European brands: Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Jaguar, Mini, Porsche, Mercedes, and Volkswagen. If you would be interested in scheduling an oil change or any other routine maintenance, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you and earning your patronage for all your Audi’s future needs.

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