Signs of an AirMatic System Failure in Your Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz Car

Mercedes vehicles are known for their reliability and performance, not to mention, they get you where you need to go in class and style. As the driver of a Mercedes, you are driving an investment that should be well maintained.

Mercedes vehicles require care and regular maintenance to ensure they run efficiently for years to come. Preventative maintenance can often stop many issues from occurring before they start. One of such issues occurs with the Mercedes AirMatic system. This important system in your Mercedes can potentially cause trouble from time to time and lead to suspension issues if left unchecked.

Let’s dig into the purpose of the AirMatic system, signs of AirMatic system failure, and what to do when dealing with it.

Your AirMatic System

The Mercedes brand of vehicles are equipped with an AirMatic system. This is controlled by the air suspension control unit. This system allows the driver to pick their driving mode, such as sport mode. The air suspension adjusts as needed, moving and adapting to the changes in road surfaces while driving.

An important component of your vehicle’s suspension, AirMatic system failure can cause suspension issues and more that make driving your vehicle an unpleasant and potentially unsafe experience. Always schedule an appointment to have your vehicle evaluated when you suspect anything amiss with your Mercedes.

Signs of AirMatic System Failure

If you encounter any of the following signs of AirMatic system failure, you’ll want to schedule an appointment for your Mercedes to be seen for diagnosis and repair by your trusted Mercedes mechanic as soon as possible. Early detection and immediate action are key to keeping your vehicle running efficiently, not to mention keeping the cost of repair bills from escalating out of control due to negligence.

  • Failed Compressor: When the compressor fails, the air kept inside the AirMatic system cannot become pressurized. The result is a sagging suspension. A compressor’s wiring can become faulty or the compressor can become blocked, resulting in its failure. As the hardest working component of the AirMatic system, this subsequently leads to AirMatic system failure.
  • Valve Blockage: The AirMatic valve can become blocked, causing air to be leaked back into the compressor, which can lead to compressor failure. The suspension will become saggy and loose as a result.
  • AirMatic Relay Fault: When the relay circuit becomes worn out, it can become faulty. A switch that opens and closes the circuits within the compressor, the relay circuit can fail and leave the compressor stuck in either the on or off position. A faulty relay circuit is usually due to wear and tear that occurs on the vehicle over time.
  • Squeaky Suspension: Repetitive screeching or squeaking sounds coming from the suspension are another sign of AirMatic system failure, due to the failure of the suspension shocks.
  • AirMatic Malfunction: If one side or corner of the car is sagging while other parts of the suspension are able to maintain inflation, this is a sign the AirMatic system is malfunctioning due to a fault in the air suspension strut, due to incorrect installation or a poor repair job.
  • Air Leaks: If you notice air leaks with your AirMatic system, it is likely to fail. Small tears or holes can form due to wear and tear over time, leading to the air leaks. Your vehicle can suffer further damage and leakage with rough driving and poor maintenance, which is why it’s always important to take your Mercedes in regularly for maintenance service.

My Euro Pro For Your Mercedes

If you suspect your Mercedes AirMatic system Mercedes AirMatic System Failure Fix is in trouble, it’s important to have the issue properly diagnosed and repaired before it causes further problems to your vehicle, which means more expensive repairs. Without a properly working AirMatic system, your vehicle’s suspension can’t work properly and is susceptible to damage.

At My Euro Pro, our highly skilled technicians have years of experience with the Mercedes brand and will have your AirMatic system working properly in no time. We have service centers located in Myrtle Beach and Charleston, SC, as well as Wilmington, NC. Call us today to schedule your appointment, and we’ll have you quickly back on the road.

* Mercedes-Benz Car image credit goes to: DarthArt.

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