The Best Auto Repair Center for Your Land Rover to Fix a Transmission Failure in Charleston

Land Rover Gear Change

Land Rovers are powerful all-terrain vehicles that many drivers love to operate. Whatever type of road (or off-road) drivers are on, they expect their Land Rover to maintain top performance. One vital aspect of your Land Rover’s performance is its transmission. When this part of your vehicle fails, it can be detrimental to your driving experience.

The Transmission

The function of the Land Rover’s transmission is to provide power to the engine when switching gears. In four-wheel drive vehicles, the transmission transfers power to the driveshaft and rear axles. In front-wheel drive vehicles, it transfers power to the axle half shafts and front wheels.

Inside the transmission, functioning gears change the car’s drive-wheel speed and torque. This is connected to the engine speed and torque. If the transmission is not working properly, your Land Rover’s gears will not shift as needed. There are a few important warning signs to watch out for that indicate a failed transmission.

Warning Signs of A Failing Transmission

If you think that your Land Rover’s transmission is faulty or failing, keep track of the symptoms of transmission failure before taking your car in for repairs.

The good thing about fluid leaks is that they are easy to spot. Usually, you’ll quickly notice a spot beneath your vehicle. You can also test the type of leak by placing a piece of paper under where you think the leak is and examine the color and smell of the fluid after a few hours. If it’s a transmission leak, the fluid will be a sort of red color and have a tart smell.

Another way to identify a transmission leak is to examine the amount of fluid in the transmission itself. If it’s low or empty, then there has likely been a leak of transmission fluid.

Causes of a Leaky Transmission

Here are a few reasons why the transmission in your Land Rover can leak:

  • Worn seals and gaskets or damaged ball housing could also cause a transmission leak. As crucial parts of the transmission, if these aspects are damaged a leak could likely occur.
  • Odd Smells: As stated before, the transmission fluid usually has a tart or sweet smell. If you notice a burning smell, this could mean that the fluid has to be changed. The best thing you can do to prevent this is keep your Land Rover updated with fluid levels and be sure you have clean transmission fluid. However, if you do end up noticing a burning smell, this indicates that there isn’t enough fluid in the transmission, causing it to burn up without lubrication. Leaving this problem alone will lead to more expensive transmission repairs in the long run.
  • Strange Sounds/Vibrations: The last sign of an issue with your Land Rover’s transmission is if there are unusual sounds coming from the system. Though the sounds differ with automatic & manual transmissions, they are both quite noticeable.

With a manual transmission, there will likely be a grinding noise or the feeling that you are shifting gears sporadically. If this happens, the clutch may need to be replaced or there could be damages or wear in your transmission gear synchronizers.

With automatic transmissions, there will likely be an odd feeling while driving your Land Rover as it switches gears. A small but noticeable vibration can occur if there is a problem with the transmission, as well as humming or buzzing sounds.

  • Disconnection: If you’ve recently had service or repairs done on your vehicle that needed to have the cooler lines disconnected, they could have been reattached incorrectly, resulting in a leak.

My Euro Pro for Your Land Rover

My Euro Pro is North Carolina & South Carolina’s premier European auto repair shop. With locations in Myrtle Beach and Land Rover Transmission Pan RemovedCharleston, South Carolina, as well as Wilmington, North Carolina, My Euro Pro is conveniently located for all drivers in these areas.

We have over 35 years of experience working with Land Rovers. You can count on us to easily and cost-efficiently diagnose and repair your transmission problems. Our ASE certified technicians are highly trained & prepared to work with all models of Land Rover vehicles.

Our friendly staff looks forward to helping you get your Land Rover’s transmission back in shape and get your car back on the road.

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