The Best Repair Shop in Charleston to Fix Automatic Transmission Jerking of a Jaguar

Jaguar Automatic Transmission

Imagine having a luxurious and powerful car like a Jaguar but experiencing jerking movements while it’s trying to shift gears. That would be very frustrating to any owner. Although Jaguars are powerful cars with high-performance standards, they can experience troubles. When you experience jerking while driving your Jaguar, it shows that there is a problem with the automatic transmission system. Don’t hesitate to have it checked by our experts to pinpoint the exact problem.

Causes of Jerking in Your Automatic Transmission

Because the automatic transmission is such an important component of your Jaguar’s operation, jerking movements caused by its failure can be attributed to a variety of causes. Recognizing the symptoms and potential causes may help you understand the urgency with which the problem must be resolved.

Any form of automatic transmission failure should be ignored. Please contact our licensed professionals as soon as possible, and never attempt to diagnose these problems without the assistance of an expert.

Low Level of Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is very important in the smooth running of any automatic transmission system. Jerking movements are bound to occur when transmission fluid levels are low. One of the reasons for the low level of transmission fluid is leakage as a result of wear and tear of the gasket seal over time. To avoid this, the gasket seals must be regularly replaced.

Cross-contamination is another reason for the low level of transmission fluid. The transmission fluid is said to be contaminated when the coolant from the vehicle’s radiator mixes with transmission fluid. This effectively dilutes the transmission fluid with coolant, reducing the available amount of pure transmission fluid. This occurrence severely jeopardizes your Jaguar’s efficiency.

Gear slippage and slow shifting are two symptoms of low fluid levels. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you should consult with an automotive specialist. The degree of transmission fluid contamination will determine the level of service provided for your automatic transmission system.

Clogs in the Transmission Filter

The transmission filter, found in front of the transmission fluid pump, filters out any foreign particles from the transmission fluid. It functions in much the same way as your car’s oil filter.

The primary distinction is that while your oil filter helps to purify the oil that lubricates your moving parts, the transmission filter screens the transmission fluid, which functions as a hydraulic fluid. This generates energy via hydraulic pressure to shift gears in your Jaguar’s automatic transmission. The presence of foreign particles in the transmission fluid would inhibit this process, resulting in friction that would eventually damage the automatic transmission system of your Jaguar.

When the filter becomes clogged, the pressure is cut off in erratic ways, resulting in gear shifting problems. Jaguars are designed to run smoothly, and any time they malfunction unexpectedly, the damage has the potential to spread to adjacent parts and functions of the motor.

Automatic Transmission Repair

When your Jaguar shifts gears, there should be no jerking to the smooth process. If you notice a problem with your automatic transmission, bring it to our professionals for diagnosis and repair.

Transmission problems frequently have an impact on the way your vehicle drives. Do not hesitate to have your car checked by our experts if you notice any symptoms of transmission failure.

Trust With your Jaguar’s Transmission Repair

Transmission jerking as a result of transmission failure must never be overlooked. Taking care of a problem as soon as Jaguar Automatic Transmission Fluid Check possible can save you both time and money. Continued driving of your Jaguar may result in total failure. You might get into an accident or become stranded.

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Our mechanics can care for your vehicle to a higher standard than you would receive at a dealership. In addition to transmission repair, we also provide suspension and steering maintenance, brake and engine repair, computer and electrical diagnostics, oil changes, and much more. You can rely on our BOSCH and ASE-certified mechanics to keep your Jaguar running at peak performance for a fraction of the cost. Give us a call today!

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