The Best Time to Replace the Camshaft Seal in Your Volkswagen

Volkswagen Engine Overheat

The camshaft controls the movement of the intake and exhaust valve in an internal combustion engine. As insignificant as the camshaft seal may seem, it is very instrumental to the smooth running of your engine. It seals off the end of the camshaft, preventing oil from leaking out and contaminants from entering the engine.

Although the seal is made of rubber, it depreciates over time due to old age and constant heat from the engine. When the seal fails, oil leaks out of the engine, exposing the internal components to the risk of failure due to insufficient lubrication. This brings up the question: When should you replace your Volkswagen’s camshaft seal?

Replacing the Camshaft Seal

The camshaft seal is made of heavy-duty rubber reinforced by a metal ring snuggly fitted between the camshaft and the timing covers. Although the seal was designed to last around 80,000 miles, it could wear down earlier than expected due to the following factors:

  • extreme engine temperatures
  • heightened pressure from the crankcase
  • prolonged usage
  • natural wear and tear

When the seal fails, it causes oil leaks, thereby hindering the proper lubrication of the engine components. You need to contact a professional to rectify the issue before it causes further damage to your engine.

Symptoms of a Damaged Camshaft Seal

A damaged camshaft seal gives few signs indicating an issue with the seal. If you notice any of the following symptoms, you should contact our mechanics to help check out your camshaft seal.

  • Visible oil leaks: The most obvious sign of a camshaft seal leak is visible signs of oil leakage. The engine oil lubricates all the engine’s internal components, including the camshaft. When the camshaft seal fails, it compromises the engine, allowing oil to leak out. You may notice traces of oil behind the timing cover and under your engine. Leaving the leaks unattended could result in costly or irreparable engine damage.
  • Illuminated check engine light: The check engine warning is never a good sign. It is an indication of an issue with the engine or one of its components. A faulty camshaft seal is one of such issues that could trigger the warning. Whenever you notice that the check engine is glowing on your dashboard, you need to act fast because it could have resulted from other faulty engine components.
  • Difficulty starting your car: The camshaft controls the opening and closing of the intake and exhaust valve. When the seal fails, it affects the proper functioning of the shaft. The failure of the camshaft affects the movement of the valves, thereby hindering the combustion process. Without proper combustion, you may encounter difficulty starting your car.
  • Low oil level: Oil is required to lubricate the engine’s internal components and smooth running. A damaged camshaft seal allows oil to seep out from the engine, causing a notable reduction in your oil level. When the engine oil level is low, there is excess friction between the engine’s internal components, which can cause the engine to overheat.
  • Reduced Engine Performance: The performance of an overheated engine or one running on low oil is greatly hampered. Over time, the leak tends to impact other components. You may begin to notice sluggish acceleration, rough engine idle, backfiring and sudden power loss.

The repair of a damaged camshaft seal is usually invasive. If you notice you have a leaking camshaft seal, you should contact our Volkswagen specialists to avoid causing damage to other engine components.

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