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If you find that your BMW is having engine problems and it’s not performing as expected, there is a possibility that you have an issue with the crankcase ventilation valve in your vehicle. This problem should be checked by a trained professional because of how important the component is to the proper functioning of the car.

A crankcase ventilation valve is a small but necessary part of an internal combustion engine, which is the type of engine in a BMW. Other names you might hear this part called are the oil separator, CCV, or PCV valve.

Internal combustion engines have been pretty standard engines for cars before hybrid and electric cars came into the picture. To understand what the crankcase ventilation valve does in your BMW, let’s talk about an internal combustion engine.

The Internal Combustion Engine

Internal combustion engines operate by burning the fuel inside a crankshaft. The crankshaft will combust a mixture of fuel and air in order to produce energy for the car to run. The crankshaft is enclosed within what is called the crankcase. As the crankshaft combusts the fuel, it will produce gases that need to be filtered out in a controlled manner.

The role of the crankcase ventilation valve is to allow for gases produced from the crankshaft to safely escape from the crankcase, which prevents the buildup of pressure inside the case or leaking oil into other parts of your BMW.

Because the crankshaft is essentially the backbone of your vehicle’s energy production, it is vital to ensure that it is kept in working order. Taking care of the crankcase ventilation valve is one important way you can prevent damage to your engine. Otherwise, it can lead to malfunctioning of your BMW and a variety of future issues with your vehicle.

Possible Symptoms of Malfunctioning Crankcase Ventilation Valve

There are many potential signs of a malfunctioning valve. Here’s a list of things that could signal that the crankcase ventilation valve is not working properly:

  • Check-Engine Light Turns On: This indicator light is one of the first symptoms to look for that could indicate an issue with the crankcase ventilation valve. When you see this, it’s a good idea to take your car in for inspection and to be aware of the other symptoms you might see.
  • Mixture of Fuel/Air is Off: When the valve is malfunctioning, it will cause the wrong mixture of air and fuel. This can either result in a lean or rich mixture. If the mixture is rich, you will be able to see more gray/white smoke. If it is lean, it can result in misfires from your BMW.
  • Acceleration Isn’t Smooth: For a smooth acceleration in your vehicle, the mixture of air and fuel needs to be a certain ratio. An incorrect ratio will result in the acceleration of your BMW becoming rough.
  • Misfires from the Cylinders: The combustion that occurs in the crankshaft happens because of firing from the spark plugs that trigger the reaction. A broken valve can affect this process and cause misfires in the engine.
  • Excessive Consumption of Oil or Leaks: If the crankcase ventilation valve is blocked or not venting properly, pressure can build up inside the crankcase and cause your BMW to increase the amount of oil it uses or possibly leak oil outside the vehicle. Spilling hot oil onto engine parts can create problems of their own which will lead to higher repair bills.

My Euro Pro Can Solve Your BMW Engine Issues

At My Euro Pro, we BMW Crankcase Ventilation Valve Malfunction Fix can help get your BMW’s engine back to working the way that it was designed. If you suspect that there is a problem with the operation of your BMW’s engine or crankcase valve, you will definitely want to have a BMW expert diagnose the issue promptly.

My Euro Pro has trained technicians who can do exactly that. We are located in Myrtle Beach, SC, Charleston, SC, and Wilmington, NC to serve our customers. You can schedule an appointment or just stop by for help with your BMW. We look forward to servicing your vehicle so you can get back to cruising in your BMW with confidence in your drive.

* BMW Car image credit goes to: JJFarquitectos.

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