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Land Rover Parking Brake

Land Rover’s have a parking brake that provides extra support and force when you are parked on a steep incline. While brakes work well, and certain techniques can help stabilize your Land Rover when you park downhill, a parking brake can provide extra reassurance in case these mechanisms fail.

Parking brakes can also experience issues related to their usefulness and functionality. You certainly don’t want to take a chance on your parking brake failing, as it could allow your vehicle to roll or move without an operator in it. Let’s take a look at common issues with Land Rover parking brakes and how you can avoid problems with yours.

How does a Land Rover’s parking brake work?

The parking brake in a Land Rover is a complex mechanism that works to give your brakes some additional pressure to hold your vehicle in place when parked in compromising circumstances. A metal pin, known as a parking pawl, clips into a circular device within the transmission to prevent it from moving and turning. However, over time, the parking pawl can wear down or malfunction. This means the extra component that works as a precaution to keep your vehicle from rolling down a hill no longer works.

Reasons for a Parking Brake Failure in a Land Rover

From big issues to small problems, there are many reasons why the parking brake in your Land Rover might malfunction. Take a look at a few common issues we see in this particular brand.

  • Failure of the electronic parking brake module: Characterized by the illumination of a parking brake light and a screeching sound, this component malfunction will cause your Land Rover’s parking brake to fail.
  • Improperly adjusted cable: Rear brake tension is beneficial to the function of your parking brake, so without it the vehicle can’t remain in place and not roll away. This can occur from corrosion and wear.
  • Worn out brake shoes: Parking brake shoes won’t provide the grip necessary for parking brake engagement, which can allow your Land Rover to roll when parked.

Ways To Avoid Parking Brake Failure In Your Land Rover

Regular brake service and maintenance are key to avoiding parking brake failure in your Land Rover.  Your brakes should be inspected at every service appointment. A technician at a skilled Land Rover service shop should also take your driving habits into evaluation when setting a routine maintenance schedule. A few things you can do to help avoid parking brake failure include:

  • Keeping your car warm in the winter weather
  • Preventing corrosion by storing it in a warm, dry place

In addition to your parking brake failing to engage, it can also fail to become unstuck when you need it to. When your parking brake won’t release, it is likely due to a few different issues.

  • Cold Weather: The parking brake is more likely to become stuck or frozen when temperatures are too cold. You can turn your vehicle on, rev the engine a bit, and try to gently disengage the parking brake.
  • Rust or Corrosion: When the parking brake is too old or exposed to harsh elements it can become stuck from rust and corrosion. You can try to release the parking brake or change it from drive to reverse several times to fix the issue.
  • Frozen From Being Engaged Too Long: This may be the case for a vehicle that has been set too long with the parking brake on.

Get Help For Your Land Rover’s Parking Brake Failure At My Euro Pro

Parking brake failure certainly won’t keep you from operating your vehicle, unless it’s stuck in place, but it will disallow you Land Rover Parking Sensor Replacement to secure your vehicle when parked in steep areas. Getting help fixing your faulty parking brake is best done sooner rather than later to prevent additional corrosion or wear.

At My Euro Pro, we are a European auto repair shop that knows just what your Land Rover needs. We are family-owned and operated, and our facility and technicians specialize in European vehicles. Opened 35 years ago, this business was established to address the growing complexity of modern European vehicles in the areas of Myrtle Beach and Charleston, SC, as well as Wilmington, NC. If you need help with your Land Rover’s parking brake, give us a call today!

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