Tips to Identify HDC Failure in a Land Rover

Land Rover Car

It’s common knowledge that if you look after your car, it will look after you. A well-maintained vehicle offers peak performance and reliability that doesn’t just get you from A to B on time but has you enjoying the ride, too. While some cars are made hardier than others, such as the ever-ready Land Rover, they aren’t immune to this simple failure, and without the correct care, parts like the HDC will start to fail.

Modern Land Rovers are packed with vital safety features to ensure that the driving experience isn’t just great but safe too. An example of a safety system that Land Rover uses is the HDC system, or Hill Descent Control System. This high-tech drive assistance program is in charge of monitoring the speed of your Rover as it traverses inclines, restricting the speed accordingly.

It goes without saying that we all want to avoid careening down a hill out of control, so keeping the HDC system in perfect working order is an essential task. In this article, we’ll be exploring how and why this system might fail you and what to do if you find yourself in need of repair.

Quick Fixes

As the HDC system is an electronic measurement system, it can develop glitches that can be easily ironed out by the driver. To help in this process, the HDC is able to display messages and advisories about its status on the dashboard. Of course, we all know never to ignore warning messages on the dash. After all, they are there for a reason. But how can you interpret what the HDC is trying to tell you about its condition. Not all error messages point to system failure, so there are some quick fixes you can utilize which can save you the cost of a trip to your mechanic.

1. Reduce your Speed!

The HDC is designed for safe road use, not for racing. Because of this, the HDC will only operate at safe downhill driving speeds of under 31mph. You can tweak the settings to suit your driving needs, but without this change, the HDC will momentarily disengage when driving over 31mph downhill. Your HDC will notify you of this with the message HDC Not Available: Speed Too High.To rectify this, simply lower your speed back to the range in which the HDC can operate. A word of warning though: The HDC will disengage entirely if you drive downhill at speeds exceeding 50mph and will need to be turned back on by the driver.

2. Overheating Brakes

As it helps to control your speed, the HDC works in conjunction with your Land Rover’s brakes. If the brakes overheat, however, such as when you drive your Rover too hard, a message which states “System Cooling will appear on the dash. During this time, the HDC system will be offline while the brakes cool and will not start back up again until the temperature has dropped sufficiently.

3. In High-Gear

The HDC system is designed for normal driving conditions. Therefore, if you’re kicking it into high-gear, the HDC won’t operate. Your system will point this out to you with the dashboard message: HDC Not Available in This Gear.” Your HDC system will come back online when you’re driving in a lower gear.

Total Failure

If at any point you see “HDC Fault System Not Availableappear on your dash, you’re going to need to seek repairs. This message tells you that HDC failure has occurred. Remember, this is an important feature that exists to keep you and your passengers safe. So don’t delay getting the HDC system fixed.

The HDC system is a delicate measuring tool and can become damaged by voltage fluctuations in the electronic systems of your Land Rover. Therefore, the system may fail if your battery is low, your alternator is on the fritz, your Rover has faulty wiring, fuses have blown, or your Land Rover has software issues.

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* Land Rover Car image credit goes to: kurmyshov.

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