Top 5 Causes Of Land Rover Engine Oil Leaks

Land Rover Engine Oil Leak

So, your Land Rover is leaking oil… Whether it’s a blown gasket, oil seal deterioration, defective oil filter, cracked oil pan, or a damaged oil drain plug, there could be numerous causes that triggered this problem.

Inspect these parts to trace the leak to its source. If you’re unsure of how to check, bring it in to our trusted mechanics for a thorough inspection and diagnosis. This post shares prominent reasons why a vehicle may start leaking oil and the dangers it may put you in if left untreated.

Motor Oil: The Lifeblood Of Your Land Rover Engine

The responsibilities of motor oil are to:

  • Prevent friction from building
  • Keep the engine interior sludge free
  • Guard key metal parts of the engine against corrosion
  • Maintain optimal engine interior temperature
  • Optimize overall engine efficiency and fuel consumption

If oil from your Land Rover engine drains out because of a hidden leak in the system, it may contribute to a wide range of different problems. Not only you will battle numerous performance-related issues, you may also have to deal with expensive engine repairs down the road.

Reasons Why Your Land Lover May Leak Oil

#1- Blown gasket

Car engines come equipped with many different types of gaskets such as head gasket, valve cover gasket, oil pan gasket, and timing cover gasket. Its because of these mechanical seals, oil and coolant stays inside their respective passages. A crack in one of these gaskets can contribute to oil leak among other issues. You may also have to deal with an intermittent compression loss problem.

#2- Oil seal deterioration

Made up of rubber, oil seals play a crucial role in preventing unsanctioned oil loss. Plus they restrain dust, debris, and other foreign elements from entering the engine interior. Over time, these seals may deteriorate and lose their sealing ability — which is something that may contribute to oil leak. It is advised to check on your Land Rover’s oil seals from time to time and replace the ones you think have reached their maximum serviceable life.

#3- Defective oil filter

Located at the front of the engine, an oil filter is entrusted with the task of keeping the engine oil free of impurities such as carbon residue and metal particles. As with any other filter, the oil filters for your Land Rover are fitted with a saturation limit and need to be replaced after a certain interval. If the filter gets clogged or its housing gets damaged, oil will pour out of the system. Improper installation of oil filter can also lead to a leak in a vehicle.

#4- Cracked oil pan

An oil pan is the part where oil gets accumulated when not in circulation. So basically… you can think of it as a reservoir for oil. Since it’s located at the bottom section of the engine, it can get damaged by rough roads and debris. A crack on oil pan can result in excessive oil loss. If you notice oil puddles underneath your Land Rover, have a professional check on its oil pan.

#5- Damaged oil drain plug

An oil drain plug allows you to drain the oil out of your car engine whenever needed. If it’s not fastened properly or the threads get stripped, oil will seep out. Check on your Land Rover’s oil drain plug from time to time to see If it needs replaced.

Fix Your Land Rover’s Oil Leak Issue At My Euro Pro

Motor oil is the reason why a car engine Land Rover Oil Filter Check perform tasks they’re entrusted with. If you want to ensure the upkeep of your Land Rover engine, you must monitor its oil level and quality. Is there oil pouring out of your car engine? Don’t waste time contemplating the issue… contact our nearby service center.

At My Euro Pro, we make use of state-of-the-art equipment to deal with complex engine issues in luxury car brands. We have been proudly serving Land Rover owners in Myrtle Beach, Charleston, SC, and Wilmington, NC. If your Land Rover is leaking oil and you’re unsure of the source, please call us and schedule an appointment today!

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