What Makes Your Land Rover Have Starting Issues in Charleston?

Land Rover Starting Issue

Land Rovers are well-known for being powerful and reliable vehicles. They can be used for everything from driving on the most rugged terrain to the most desolate deserts. They are, however, not immune to normal car troubles that other vehicles face. If you own a Land Rover, you may experience starting issues with your car. This can be very frustrating, especially when you are in a hurry to catch up with an appointment.

Since Land Rovers are usually dependable, if you maintain them properly, you may hardly ever experience issues with starting your car. However, there are some problems that show up as your Land Rover ages, and one of them is it may refuse to start.

Dead Car Battery

A dead battery is likely the most common reason why your Land Rover won’t start, and it can be caused by different factors. Your SUV’s battery is responsible for providing your vehicle with the spark it needs to start the engine. Without a fully-charged battery, your engine will not start.

Batteries can die when drivers make common mistakes, such as leaving the cabin lights on or the headlights illuminated all night. Car batteries can also die due to loose wires, poor conductivity, problems with alternators, or part failure. In any case, Your Land Rover is inactive unless your car battery is charged or you go for a jump start. Batteries also lose their charge over time. It is normal to replace your battery every 35 years on average.

Ignition Switch Failure

If your Land Rover is unable to start, the next most probable cause is a faulty ignition switch. When you have issues with your battery, you may turn on your headlights as this will eliminate your battery since the battery, and not the engine, powers your headlights and then your dashboard. But if your ignition switch is faulty, you will not be able to carry out this operation. You will need the help of a qualified technician to fix the issues of the ignition switch.

A Faulty Starter

A damaged starter motor is also another common cause of your Land Rover not starting. Your starter is an electrically driven motor that is linked to the battery of your car. Its primary function is to initiate the ignition cycle, crankshaft, priming the pistons, and other critical components when the switch for the ignition is turned on. If your starter isn’t operating properly, your Land Rover won’t get the signal, and this will result in your Land Rover not starting.

The Gas Tank is Empty

An empty gas tank may appear to be a ridiculous explanation for a vehicle that won’t start, but you would be shocked how many drivers just forget to keep their gas tanks filled up! Driver mistake, however, isn’t the only possibility your gas tank may be empty; a malfunctioning fuel gauge transmitter unit or defective fuel level gauge could also mislead or confuse drivers about the gasoline levels in their vehicle. You could also experience a fuel line leak, in which case, the fuel level can deplete without you understanding why.

Proper Maintenance

Of course, the most important strategy to avoid any issues with your Land Rover is to keep your vehicle’s maintenance at a maximum. Keeping up with maintenance ensures that any problems are identified early and handled effectively and at a lower cost to you. You can review your owner’s manual to see the scheduled services and when they should be performed to keep your Land Rover in top form. We are also available to speak with you as to when and what maintenance should be done to keep you confident in your Land Rover.

My Euro Pro Will Repair and Maintain Your Land Rover

Are you experiencing any issues with Land Rover Starter Check starting your Land Rover? My Euro Pro is here to help you detect and fix the problem. Our technicians are ASE-certified with many years of experience in fixing various issues with your Land Rover model.

When you bring your luxury SUV to our shop, you are sure to get high-quality and affordable service. We are always pleased to serve the residents in Myrtle Beach and Charleston, SC, and Wilmington, NC. Call us now to book an appointment so we can place your Land Rover on regular maintenance and avoid unnecessary issues!

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