Where to Go in Charleston to Fix Airbag Malfunctions in a Land Rover

Land Rover Airbag Warning

Land Rover is known for its powerful off-road capabilities and breathtaking safety features. Depending on the model, their vehicles come fitted with eight to ten airbags, including the driver, passenger, side, side head, and rear head airbags.

An airbag system is an occupant restraint system consisting of an airbag cushion, a flexible fabric bag, an inflation module, and impact sensors designed to protect vehicle occupants from collision impacts. Although Land Rover airbags are designed to last the vehicle’s lifespan, several factors could cause it to malfunction. Discussed below is the symptom and causes of a malfunctioning airbag.

Symptom of a Defective Airbag

Since airbags were designed to inflate only during collisions, there aren’t many signs of a defective airbag except for the airbag warning light. When the airbag detects something is off with the system, it notifies the driver by activating the airbag warning light. The warning signal is an indication that the system is non-functional and may not deploy during an impact.

Causes of Airbag Malfunctions in Your Land Rover

When there is an issue with your Land Rover airbag system, the airbag warning light illuminates, notifying the driver of the problem. The following factors could have triggered the warning:

Failing Sensors

The airbag comprises several components, including the sensors. The sensors communicate with the electronic control unit. When the sensor fails, the airbag warning light pops up on the dashboard to notify the driver of an issue with the system. In some rare cases, faulty sensors can deploy the airbags unexpectedly.

Deployed Airbags

During collisions, the airbags are deployed to cushion the vehicle occupants from the impact. Hence, they must be replaced after each deployment. When deployed airbags are left unreplaced, the airbag warning light informs the driver of an issue with the system.

Minor collisions could also trigger the airbag warning. Although the airbags may have remained intact during and after such a collision, it could trigger the crash sensors, which activates the airbag warning light. Whichever the case, it is best to seek an expert’s opinion to know whether you need airbags replacement or just a system reset.

Defective Airbag Clock Spring

The connection between the driver’s side airbag and the electrical wiring of your Land Rover is maintained by the airbag clock spring. The clock spring rotates back and forth as you turn the steering wheel. Over time, it gets worn out due to the endless turning of the steering wheel and would need replacement. When the clock spring fails, the connection between the steering wheel airbag and the electronic control unit is broken, triggering the airbag warning light.

Flat Airbag Backup Battery

The airbag backup battery usually powers the system when your Land Rover battery is drained. If the backup battery is equally drained, the airbag warning light will pop up, notifying the driver that the system is non-functional.

Corroded Airbag Module

The proper functioning of your Land Rover airbag modules located under the seats is usually impaired by water. The module gets fried if it comes into contact with water, which affects the proper deployment of the airbags.

Manufacturer defect

Millions of vehicles were recalled because of defective Takata airbags. These airbags can explode when deployed, causing serious injuries or even death. Unfortunately, Land Rover also had to recall some of their vehicles fitted with faulty Takata airbags. You can check on the NHTSA website using your VIN to determine whether your Land Rover was included.

To ensure the proper deployment of your airbags during a collision, you should contact our experts immediately if you notice the airbags warning signal or any abnormality that causes concern.

My Euro Pro: South Carolina’s Leaders in Land Rover Maintenance

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