Signs of Water Pump Failure in Your Jaguar

Jaguar Water Pump

Symbolizing endurance, agility, and beauty, it’s no surprise the Jaguar was named after the strongest car in the world. Although Jaguars are known for their durability and exquisite designs, even the most luxurious cars will have their off days. Overheating, leakage, and obnoxious noises are just a few signs of a failing water pump. It’s important to note these symptoms when they occur, and to take action as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your motor or your vehicle.

Functions of a Water Pump

In short, a water pump ensures the radiator does not overheat by pushing water throughout the motor. This keeps everything at a steady temperature, which then aims to avoid total engine failure in the long run. If the water pump fails, the engine overheats, and that could quickly lead to other important parts undertaking excessive, expensive damage. To save your mind and your wallet from unneeded stress, let’s dive under the hood to explore ways to find failure in your Jaguar water pump.

Signs of Failure

Here are some of the main indications of a faulty water pump:

  • The temperature warning light has turned on: This indicates your engine is not being cooled properly, which could be a sign that your water pump isn’t working.
  • The water pump’s weep hole is leaking: You can locate the weep hole by looking at the bottom of your water pump. If it’s leaking, that means a seal has stopped functioning properly, which means you’ll likely need to replace the pump.
  • The pump’s pulley is loose: You might hear what’s often described as a whining or groaning sound when you accelerate, which could mean the pulley is loose due to rust or erosion. If this is the case, it’d be safer to get your Jaguar repaired as soon as possible, so our technicians can leave you driving away stress-free!
  • The coolant is leaking: One easy way to spot potential pump failure is to check near the front of your car for puddles of coolant. That simply means a part, or a few of them, are damaged or deteriorating. Additionally, if you find yourself regularly refilling the coolant in your Jaguar, then it’s time to get it checked out.
  • The hood is emitting steam: This one is an obvious sign that could indicate your coolant has failed to keep the radiator from overheating. Pull over and, once the engine has cooled down, bring it to a mechanic. If it’s too unsafe to drive, call a tow to safely transport your Jaguar to your closest Europro auto repair shop. We specialize in European brands and will attend to your vehicle with the care and efficiency it deserves.

Ways to Prevent Failure

One of the most common reasons behind water pump failure is using the wrong coolant. This will interfere with the water pump’s defence against corrosion, therefore creating a sure-fire path towards unwanted leaks. Additionally, you’ll regularly want to flush and refill your coolant to avoid deterioration. With that being said, every vehicle is different, so always be sure to check which coolant the vehicle manufacturer recommends for your Jaguar.

You should also replace gaskets and seals when needed. This will prevent leakage and avoid using sealant unless the manufacturer states otherwise.

Another thing to watch out for is the belt drive. If corroded or positioned incorrectly, it may shorten the lifespan of your water pump. For a quick fix, visit your nearest Europro location!

Check for Warning Signs

One last thing to help prevent failure is to simply make a habit of periodically checking your Jaguar’s water pump, typically located underneath the hood. Look for rust or small holes in the metal. If you see that it needs to be replaced, bring it to our auto repair shop, and you might avoid any unpleasantries altogether.

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